I’m not flexible enough for Yoga

I frequently hear the phrase: “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible.”

This is an important topic to address and I’d like to give you some reasons for why this is exactly why yoga IS good for you.

Firstly, I can totally relate to that feeling of being inflexible and that this might scare you off of yoga! But I think it goes without saying: Flexibility, like everything else in life, comes if you practice it.

I also used to be extremely stiff before I started with yoga. My back, as well as my hamstrings, would feel tight in every yoga pose.

One of my tips for every beginner is to close your eyes in seated stretches. This will help you focus solely on yourself. (The temptation of comparing yourself with a neighbor will be taken away from you too.  )

You can also always bend the knees in any hamstring stretch. Not only will that make the pose feel more comfortable, but it will also allow you to keep your back straighter.

Furthermore, find out which are the tight areas in your body and imagine to exhale into these spots- releasing tension breath by breath.

Sometimes it’s not just the tight muscle area but the mind that doesn’t allow you to go deeper into poses. Give yourself time to learn how to relax both, mind and muscles. This will be a very essential skill in every day life!

I hope that if you were worried about your flexibility I could give you some reasons to try yoga. And with trying I don’t just mean to go to one yoga class, but to do yoga for at least a month. If you don’t like the first yoga class, you might also think about trying different yoga styles and teachers. Keep in mind that the first classes, no matter how well the teacher works for you, might be frustrating as you are doing something completely new. But let’s be honest every beginning is challenging. Once you’ve “survived” the first few classes though I’ll promise that you’ll feel the benefits of the practice!

Yours. Kate

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