Yoga education: RYT® 200hours  YA certified, London, (YogaLondon)
Kate studied Sports and English (teaching degree) at Karl Franzens University, Graz and has worked as a PE and English teacher.
‚Movement has always been an integral part of my life. When I found Yoga for myself I first mainly enjoyed the physical part of it. By now I also deeply value the meditative and spiritual quality of yoga. I believe that yoga is for everyone and that a regular yoga practice ensures a high quality of life (which for me means a mentally as well a physically sound body).‘

Yoga education: RYT® 200hours  YA certified, Himalayan Yoga Biss, India
Carolina studies Sports and English (teaching degree) and Sports Science at Karl Franzens University, Graz.
‚When I discovered Yoga I was immediately captivated by it. Not only did the constant practice of asanas change the way I approached certain movements but I’ve also discovered the spiritual side of Yoga during my Teaching Training in India. I enjoy doing all kinds of inversions and love discovering new ways to move.‘